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As a committed music educator and performer, I believe in the importance of developing a well-rounded, multi-faceted musician. In my teaching, the importance of solid fundamentals for all levels of flutists is essential. Without a strong foundation, artistry cannot be displayed to its full effect. Through the use of innovative techniques and exercises I aim to help a student develop these basics, not necessarily through monotonous repetition but through the most effective and efficient use of the student’s time.

I also believe in the importance of developing the full artist from the inside out. I strive to nurture individual creativity and expression with the understanding that each student has his or her own voice and unique purpose with the instrument. I am also a strong advocate of complete body awareness: how the entire body aids in the process of creating the ideal sound and how best to use the body in order to avoid pain and unnecessary tensions. I help students develop techniques to deal with the stresses and pressures of a career in music as well as performance anxiety for any level.

Repertoire selection is also very important in the development of an artist. I strive to tailor repertoire choice to the student’s abilities and to challenge his or her weaknesses. Placing attainable challenges constantly in front of a student allows for optimal positive growth. Learning through example and in   collaborative settings helps the student’s ears to develop and builds lifelong collaborative skills applicable to any field. Group lessons are also another option for synergistic learning.


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 I currently teach privately in Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA and as Adjunct Faculty at the College of St. Mary. Current students have won positions in All-State Marching Band, All-State Band, SWIBA, superiors in solo and ensemble, acceptance into local youth orchestras, and placement in top school bands.


I am available for private lessons (including Skype lessons), sectionals, masterclasses, and performances.

Please contact me directly for lesson inquiries.