Alyssa Griggs’ commitment to education has led to a series of masterclasses devoted to helping students of all ages improve their musicianship and technical skills. Please contact me to book a class or if you would like to have a class on a slightly different topic. Recitals are also available with a masterclass.
Masterclass topics include:

The Art of Practicing
In the Art of Practicing, I guide your students through a series of ideas that will revolutionize the way they practice and will maximize results. This high energy masterclass shows how goal oriented practicing and critical listening can improve anyone’s performance in a very short amount of time. This is a must-have class for high school and college students.

The Business of Making Music
This class covers a wide range of topics from the impetus to start a group, to marketing and managing your musical business. This class goes in depth into the entrepreneurial side of music making, a skill that is required of a musicians today, but rarely discussed. Whether you need to understand how to present yourself on stage or how to create an effective image to attract students, presenters or audiences, this class can help you organize your ideas and execute your plan.  This class is usually open to all students in the music department.

Looking Beyond the Notes
This class is devoted to bringing going past the notes on a page to fully develop musical meaning and how to effectively convey that to an audience. In this class I push the students' imaginations by helping them understand how to translate ideas into an effective musical language.

Ensemble Sectionals
Whether it's band, orchestra, or chamber ensembles, I use my extensive and broad ensemble experience to help students improve their skills playing within their sections. Students are given tools to improve techniques on tuning, balance, rhythm, cueing, and team work to achieve the best results possible.

Flute Masterclass
Flute students get individual attention, but in a sectional setting. I will give students proven techniques and solutions to common challenges related to each instrument.

Leave Your Fear at the Door
Do you feel that you always leave your best playing in the practice room? This masterclass will immerse your students into the mental and physical aspects of performance anxiety. Using simple practicing techniques, and exercises to strengthen both your students’ mental game as well as their physical performance.

Chamber Music Masterclass
This class is designed to guide students with both basic and advanced techniques a chamber music setting. Using demonstration and explanation, I show students how to become more expressive, efficient musicians and the importance of applying these skills to larger ensembles.